Cordless Scanners

Cordless Barcode Scanners are versatile and adopted by all industries. Cordless Barcode Scanner will increase the productivity and efficiency in a workplace. To set up this scanner, it's easy. It uses radio frequencies, bluetooth technology to communicate with the base. The base or the cradle is connected to a computer using USB or any connection cable. It got longer scan range up to 200 feet. With Cordless barcode scanners it’s very easy for the user to move around. There are different models which can connect with iphoneipad and Android devices. Major brands are  Zebra Easypos, Unitech,  Honeywell Datalogic

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  1. Part Number : LI3678-ER3U42A0S1W Zebra LI3678 LI3678-ER3U42A0S1W Barcode Scanner Ultra-Rugged - Wireless
    $ 1,377.00
  2. Part Number : LI3608-SR3U4600VZW Zebra LI3608 LI3608-SR3U4600VZW Barcode Scanner Ultra-Rugged - Wireless
    $ 466.00
  3. Part Number : LI3608-SR00003VZWW Zebra LI3608 LI3608-SR00003VZWW Barcode Scanner Ultra-Rugged - Wireless
    $ 437.00
  4. Part Number : LI3608-ER3U4600ZVW Zebra LI3608 LI3608-ER3U4600ZVW Barcode Scanner Ultra-Rugged - Wireless
    $ 822.00
  5. Part Number : LI3608-ER20003VZWW Zebra LI3608 LI3608-ER20003VZWW Barcode Scanner Ultra-Rugged - Wireless
    $ 785.00
  6. Part Number : LI2208-SR7U2100AZW Zebra LI2208 Barcode Scanner LI2208-SR7U2100AZW
    $ 172.00
  7. Part Number : LI2208-SR6U2100SGW Zebra LI2208 Barcode Scanner LI2208-SR6U2100SGW
    $ 190.00
  8. Part Number : LI2208-SR00006ZZWW Zebra LI2208 Barcode Scanner LI2208-SR00006ZZWW- Wireless
    $ 157.00
  9. Part Number : CS4070-SR70000TAZW Zebra CS4070 Barcode Scanner CS4070-4070SR70000TAZW (Companion Scanner, Wireless)
    $ 493.00
  10. Part Number : CS4070-HCB00000DRW Zebra CS4070 Barcode Scanner CS4070-HCB00000DRW (Companion Scanner, Wireless)
    $ 873.00
  11. Part Number : DS4308-SR7U2100AZW Zebra DS4308 Barcode Scanner DS4308-SR7U2100AZW - 2D, Wireless
    $ 350.00
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