Zebra DS92XX Scanners SYM-9208SR0000WNNWW Front View

Zebra DS92XX Scanners SYM-9208SR0000WNNWW

Honeywell 7580 Genesis 2D Barcode Scanner - MK7580-30B38-02-A-Front View

Honeywell 7580 Genesis 2D Barcode Scanner - MK7580-30B38-02-A

Zebra DS92XX Scanners SYM-9208SR4NNR01BE

DS9208-SR (Standard Range) - Midnight Black - 7ft Serial Cable Kit - includes SR Scanner (DS9208-SR00004NNWW), 7ft (2.13m) Straight Serial Cable (CBA-R01-S07PBR) and EMEA Power Supply (PWR-WUA5V4W0EU)
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Zebra DS92XX Scanners SYM-9208SR4NNR01BE

-DS9208-SR (Standard Range)
-Midnight Black
-7ft Serial Cable Kit
-includes SR Scanner (DS9208-SR00004NNWW)
-7ft (2.13m) Straight Serial Cable (CBA-R01-S07PBR)
-EMEA Power Supply (PWR-WUA5V4W0EU)
-Barcode Type: 2D Customer Display Ability: n/a DL
-Parsing: No EAS: No In-counter/On-counter: On-counter
-Item Color: Black Kit: Yes
-Kit Components: Scanner, Interface Cable, Power Supply
-Scan Technology: Area Imager
-Scanner Interface: RS-232 Scanner/Scale: No

Part Number: DS9208-SR4NNR01BE

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Part NumberDS9208-SR4NNR01BE
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