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Zebra MK590 Micro Kiosk Price Checker MK590-A030DB9GWTWR (with Adaptors, Cable, Wall mount)

Wireless - Intel XScale 520 MHz / 64 GB RAM / 64MB MB Flash/ 3.5" QVGA Color / Wi-Fi / Windows CE .NET 5.0 / 2D IMAGER
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Zebra Price Checker MK950 MK590-A030DB9GWTWR Micro Kiosk Price Checker

Part Number - MK590-A030DB9GWTWR


Improve customer service and the customer experience with the latest innovation in self-service technology, Zebra’s MK500 micro kiosk. This compact, easy-to-instal and affordable device allows retailers to put the power of self-service in every aisle or department. So, no matter where in the store your customers might be, help is never more than a few steps away.

Customers can cheque price and inventory, cheque the balance on a gift card, look up a loyalty point balance, determine the location of a product and call for assistance — all with the scan of a barcode or press of a button or touchpad. In addition, the MK500 easily connects to third-party small mobile printers.


Give your associates more time to spend with customers selling and to tend to other business-critical tasks. With the MK500, workers have the ability to execute shelf replenishment, price audits and markdowns in a more efficient and timely fashion. This helps to ensure that your customers find the right products with accurate pricing.



The well-designed MK500 fits almost anywhere in your environment, from aisle end-caps to shelves, poles and walls and is compliant with VESA mounting standards. Also, unique mechanical features are built into the frame, allowing retailers to easily mount custom signage around the MK500 to promote the presence and usage of the device.



Zebra's signature patented scanning technology helps ensure first-time every-time scanning success. Omni-directional scanning eliminates the need to precisely align the barcode with the scanner. And the high performance architecture combines with a colour touchscreen and three programmable buttons to enable the deployment of highly intuitive interactive applications.


Package Includes

Barcode Scanner › Motorola MK590  802.11A/B/G; IMAGER; W/TOUCH CN Specs: Wireless - Intel XScale 520 MHz - 64 GB RAM - 64; HS C MB Flash - 3.5" QVGA Color - Wi-Fi - Windows CE .NET 5.0;  2D IMAGER   


Adaptors › Symbol Power supply for MK590


Wall Mount › Symbol Wall Mount Kit for MK590


Cable › Symbol for MK590


Adaptor Plug › Zebra AC Plug UK for MK590


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Brand Zebra
Part Number MK590-A030DB9GWTWR-KIT
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